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Nikola Vukoja


Born in Croatia, raised in Australia and having lived in France, I am really a displaced child of the world. 

But this is not necessarily a bad thing.

My family home was filled with art, literature, politics and passionate discussion on almost anything.  Subjects included the nobility of Homer’s Hector, Shakespeare’s opposing views on suicide when comparing Caesar to Macbeth and even the ideal verses the reality of Communism as well as the religion verses faith.  My friends thought my entire family a bit odd but then again I was raised a proud Croatian at the time when Croatia didn't exist, of-course we were odd!

I would also like to thank my Ex.  If it wasn't for your lies and cheating, for your deception and theft and for your total disregard for my dreams, I might still be chasing your dreams – instead, your failure as a human being has helped to enable my success as an individual!

And for those interested, this is one view of my parents front garden on the family farm.

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